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The Human Design Manifestor type: here to make an impact

The Human Design Manifestor type: here to make an impact

About 10% of the people are of the type Manifestor in Human Design System (see: Rave Statistics). Their aura is closed and repelling. This may seem a bit harsh, but remember that Human Design is always about this and that (as Ra Uru Hu used to put it), it’s not about judgement or good or bad. When you know yourself, being a Human Design Manifestor, you can use the correct strategy and your inner authority to start making better decisions in your life.

This is very important, for any type, and also when your aura is repelling others. Most likely you will start to recognise the way your aura works as soon as you learn more about it and then you can use it to benefit you best.

All Manifestors are energy types and have a motor connected to the Throat center. But the Sacral center is not defined (that would make them Generators). Don’t confuse Manifesting Generators and Manifestors, because they have completely different auras and therefor different strategies to deal with life. Generators and Manifesting Generators are the same type and aura, Manifestors are very different.

The Human Design Manifestor will always make an impact

As a Manifestor, you are here to maken an impact. There is no way to avoid that. This means that as a Manifestor your aura will influence other auras around it in an impactful way.

You are designed to initiate others, to get the ball rolling so to speak. This is not a thing you do at purpose or at will, it happens for you and the other when you follow your strategy and authority in a correct way.

There is often the misunderstanding that the Manifestor can manifest whenever he wants to. That’s not true. Like any other type, it’s reactive.

Things come onto your path and only when the timing is right, things can be manifested by the Manifestor. Only then can he initiate others, at the right moment, following his inner authority.

Strategy of informing others to be at peace with yourself

The strategy of the Manifestor is to inform others of what they want to achieve. The energy of the Manifestor is much like the kings and pharaos of the past. They really want to move forward, telling people what to do and wanting people to listen to them.

However, because of their repelling aura, this often leads to misunderstandings and difficulties. This creates anger for the Manifestor, at which point he may decide to do things by himself (as if he were a Generator).

On the other hand, the Manifestor may not be involved with others at all, and just walk his own path, not following his strategy and trying to manifest and ‘do’ all the time. This also leads to anger, because others around him will not appreciate his energy that way. He will lose other people while trying to push his manifestations into this world in an incorrect way.

To have peace, it’s very important for the Manifestor to follow his inner authority and then inform others of what he’s going to do. The Manifestor strategy is to inform. This way, others will be involved and can use their own inner authority to see if they want to join the Manifestor in his quest. This will reduce the anger for the Manifestor and bring peace into his relationship with himself and others.

Living the life of a Manifestor by staying with your True Self

For Manifestors, like for any other type, it’s very attractive to behave as their not self. Because they don’t always feel socially accepted, especially when they’re not following their strategy and inner authority, they tend to abandon their power. A Manifestor that is in an exterme not self behaviour, may be over-friendly and always trying to avoid the confrontation with other people, because they learned that people are repelled by their aura.

On the other hand, they may decide to do things themself, because they feel nobody is listening to them. They are not here to work, they have an undefined or open Sacral center after all. They may become deeply envious of the Generator type, because Generators can actually do things and bring home the result.

In the end, the Manifestor just needs to initiate and leave the work to the Generator. It’s important to see this as a Manifestor, because then you will know what makes you angry and you can do the right thing to make it work for you.

Manifestor children should be thaught very early in their lives to ask for permission. This way they will avoid the negative responses from people around them when they are just running off and manifesting without informing anyone.

Interaction needs to be balanced with time alone

Manifestors have little interest with themself or with others, their focus is on the impact. They will always make an impact, even if they don’t mean to. It’s not by choice and it’s not always experienced as a positive thing.

When being correct, as a Manifestor you will experience that you will have the right impact at the right moment. Interacting with other auras will also have an impact on your own energy. So, like with other types, it’s important to balance your interaction with time alone to restore after a period of initiating others.


With your closed and repelling aura, you are here to make an impact and initiate the other types (especially Generators) to do the work that needs to be done. Only when initiating in a correct way, using your inner authority and strategy, informing others of what’s going on, you will be at peace.

If you experience anger, use this to track back your decisions and see where you went wrong and didn’t follow you strategy and authority. This will help you in your further development and experiencing your unique True Self.

Example bodygraph: Johnny Depp

Below is the bodygraph of a famous manifestor: Johnny Depp. Notice how the Ego center (one of the motor centers) is connected to the Throat center and the Sacral center is undefined, which combination makes him a manifestor.

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  1. Clare Murphy

    Fascinating. So much to learn. I’m 59. Can’t believe I haven’t come across human design before!


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