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The four Human Design types: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector

The four Human Design types: Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector
The Human Design system defines four Human Design types. The design type is determined by the channels and the centers that are defined in the bodygraph. All humans have their own type and are categorized within one of the four types.

The aura of the person is closely related to the type. Depending on the type, we can tell if the aura will be enveloping, focused, closed/repelling or sampling. The four types are Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector.

The Human Design Generator type: here to work

One of the four types in Human Design is called the Generator. About 65% of the people are of the Human Design Generator type, including Manifesting Generators. Manifesting Generators are also Generators and should not be confused with Manifestors that have a completely different aura. Current statistics can be found at Jovian Archive Rave Statistics Center.

In Human Design we know Generators as being the worker or builder type, designed to work, build and produce results. The aura of a Generator is open and enveloping and they have a powerful Sacral center because it is consistently defined. The defined Sacral center is the life force energy itself.

There’s a difference between being a Pure Generator and a Manifesting Generator. The Pure Generator has no connection between the Sacral and the Throat. The Manifesting Generator has this connection, directly or indirectly through other centers, defined.

The strategy of the Generator is: wait to respond.

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The Human Design Projector type: here to guide other people

If you are a Projector type according to your Human Design, you have a focused and absorbing aura. Looking at the statistics, about 22% of the people are of the Human Design Projector type. They are therefor here to guide other people. This is not only about the other, it’s because Projectors learn to know themselves through the other.

Where Generators are here to learn about themselves by looking at themselves, Projectors learn to know themselves by looking at the other.

Projectors are not energy types unlike some other Human Design types. They don’t have Sacral energy (like Generators). Neither do they have any of the motors connected to the throat (like Manifestors). The Projector aura is focused and absorbing, always ‘tuning’ into the other.

The strategy of the Projector is: wait for the invitation.

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The Human Design Manifestor type: here to make an impact

About 10% of the people are of the type Manifestor in Human Design System. Their aura is closed and repelling. This may seem a bit harsh, but remember that Human Design is always about this and that (as Ra Uru Hu used to put it). It’s not about judgement or good or bad.

When you know yourself you can use the correct strategy and your inner authority to start making better decisions in your life.

This is very important, for any type, and also when your aura is repelling others. Most likely you will start to recognise the way your aura works as soon as you learn more about it. Then you can use it to benefit you best.

All Manifestors are energy types and have a motor connected to the Throat center. But the Sacral center is not defined (that would make them Generators). Don’t confuse Manifesting Generators and Manifestors, because they have completely different auras and therefor different strategies to deal with life. Generators and Manifesting Generators are the same type and aura, Manifestors are very different.

The strategy of the Manifestor is: to inform.

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The Human Design Reflector type: reflecting the world

Only just over one percent of the population is of the Reflector type. Their human design chart is completely without definition, so it has only open centers.

Everything about the Reflector is about time because any given day is only an aspect of who they are. A cycle of the moon is the key for a Reflector’s truth.

The strategy of the Reflector is: wait a cycle of the moon.

Example bodygraph: Reflector H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells is one of the rare Reflector type. Notice how all centers are undefined.

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