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The basic characteristics of a Single Definition in Human Design

The basic characteristics of a Single Definition in Human Design

People who are of Single Definition in Human Design have their defined centers connected in one energy flow. This means that all defined centers in the bodychart are connected by defined channels. They have a consistent flow of energy between their defined centers, without the need to bridge this energy between two separate parts of the bodygraph.

They experience their energy as a whole. That’s why they don’t need any auras in their vicinity or planitary influences to bridge one part of the bodygraph with the other. Other definitions in Human Design are split definitions, triple split or quadruple split.

The Single Definition and the Not Self

When a person with a single definition is in their not self behavior, he or she is very much focused on open centers that they have. In general, for them the conditioning of the open centers will be more dominant than that of the open channels. They will use their open centers (where they go to school, so to speak) to learn about what their conditioning is.

When they are behaving correctly, they will not be focusing on this not self part. Then they will just be living their lives in this non-split system of energy that goes through their body.

Single Definition and relationships

Single Definitions are not so much looking for other auras to bridge their channels. That’s simply because there are no channels that need to be bridged to become ‘whole’. They already are a single definition.

This means that they are less dependent on others in relationships. Especially when they are living their true self. Of course, if they are living in their conditioning, this may be different.

In romantic relationships, Single Definitions may choose to live apart from their partners. For a Single Definition this comes more natural than for other definitions, because they are not in need for anyone to bridge their energy. Of course they should always follow their strategy and authority.

Which undefined (or open) center influences you the most?

As a Single Definition you should have a look at your open centers and determine which center influences you the most. There’s a hierarchy of open centers, because some centers are more influential than others. This means that the conditioning of these centers will have a stronger influence on you as a person when you’re in your not self behavior.

For example, an undefined ego center will have greater impact than an undefined splenic center. You can take this into account. If you look at how you lead your life, then you can see that you will be focusing on certain parts more than others. And certain parts of your conditioning will be stronger than other parts of your conditioning.

That’s why as a Single Definition it’s important to know what your definition is. To know which centers will influence you the most and may pull you into your not self.

Example Single Definition bodygraph: Mick Jagger

Below is the bodygraph of Mick Jagger. With just two centers defined he is a Single Definition (just like any being that has only two centers defined).

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