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The basic characteristics of a Triple Split Definition

The basic characteristics of a Triple Split Definition

Being a Triple Split Definition in the Human Design system is a pretty rare situation as far as splits go. Only a quadruple split is more difficult to find. A Triple Split Definition means that you have three energy groups in your Bodygraph that are not connected to each other.

These groups contain two or three centers that are connected and therefor defined. But there are no defined channels between the separate groups.

For instance, you may have the Head connected to the Ajna, the Throat to the G center and the Spleen to the Root. But all channels between Ajna and Throat and all channels between G center, Throat and Spleen are undefined (white) or only have one gate active in your Bodygraph.

If this is the case, there’s no way for energy to flow in a consistent way between these groups. You will need the influence of the planets or other auras to bridge the gaps. To become ‘whole’ in terms of how the energy flows consistently through your body, so to speak.

Triple Split Definitions and relationships

(Single) Split Definitions, people that have just one split that separates two centers, are always looking for that other person to bridge the split. When they are not being correct, so not living according to their Strategy and Authority, they let this gap become a huge influence for making their decisions in life. That’s how they end up with the wrong people in the wrong places doing the wrong work.

You would expect someone with a Triple Split Definition to follow a similar conditioned, Not Self, strategy. However, in reality, that is not what happens. For a Triple Split Definition having one single person bridging both their gaps feels very uncomfortable. It makes them feel locked in by this single person or energy field, if you will.

Triple Splits feel better when they are in groups of people where multiple people can create bridges for them. It’s less suffocating for them. The best advice to feel better and have the energy flow is to go out in public places and find some other auras to be with.

Triple Splits and the Not Self

The conditioned pressure that pushes a Not Self Triple Split into making the wrong decisions is typically coming from their undefined or open centers. Because they are not so much looking to bridge their splits, these white centers play a huge role in how they experience their conditioning.

Open or undefined centers are always being conditioned by the outside world. This is where you learn about life in specific areas that are important for you as a human being. There’s no way to avoid conditioning, it’s always happening, you just need to learn how to be correct with it.

It’s a good advice for Triple Split Definitions to learn about and pay extra attention to their open and/or undefined Centers. This way they know where the pressure comes from and they are able to see through this. They can see it for what it is: just conditioning. And then, as always in Human Design, they can use their correct Strategy and Authority to make the right decision to follow their consistent energy.

Example Triple Split Definition bodygraph: Charlie Sheen

Below is the bodygraph of Charlie Sheen. Notice the three groups of centers that are not connected to each other: Head-Ajna, Throat-Spleen and Ego-Solar Plexus.

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