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The Human Design Projector type: here to guide other people

The Human Design Projector type: here to guide other people

If you are a Projector type according to your Human Design, you have a focused and absorbing aura. Looking at the statistics, about 22% of the people are of the Human Design Projector type and are therefor here to guide other people (see: Rave Statistics at the Jovian Archive). This is not only about the other, it’s because Projectors learn to know themselves through the other. Where Generators are here to learn about themselves by looking at themselves, Projectors learn to know themselves by looking at the other.

Projectors are not energy types unlike some other Human Design types. They don’t have Sacral energy (like Generators) nor do they have any of the motors connected to the throat (like Manifestors). The Projector aura is focused and absorbing, always ‘tuning’ into the other.

Letting your aura do the talking

One of the most difficult thing to understand according to Human Design is that the correct path in your life has nothing to do with whatever your mind tells you. Your mind is a handy tool to help others, but is definitely not suited to determine your own direction in life. As a Projector you need to learn to wait for invitations to come into your life. This doesn’t mean that you need to go looking for invitations.

Your aura will auto magically pull the right invitations into your conscious awareness, all you have to do is pay attention. Your energy moves the world around you in a certain way for you. You need to wait to be recognized for what you are.

You have a road to follow, but you are not behind the wheel of your vehicle, your energy is. This is a thing that every human has to learn, no matter what the type is. You are not in control, there’s no choice.

When the correct invitation arrives, and it always does at exactly the right moment, you will use your inner authority to find that this invitation is correct for you. Don’t force invitations or be impatient about it, that’s your mind trying to take over.

Don’t become overwhelmed by doing

Because Projectors have no defined Sacral center, they tend to become obsessed with the Sacral center energy of doing. The mind always wants what it doesn’t have, especially in this world we currently live in where doing things and achieving results is seen as one of the most important virtues.

Don’t kid yourself, as a Projector you have no energy of your own to produce results. Working until exhaustion on projects will most likely kill you in the end (or burn you out, in the best case scenario). This doesn’t mean that you are not able to do anything with your life.

You are very good at (temporarily) taking in the energy of others (also Generators) and working for your goals, as long as this is correct for you. Especially when your work has to do with guiding others on their path. For that you first have to wait for the invitation and use your inner authority to determine if the invitation is correct for you.

Recognition, Success and Bitterness

If you catch yourself doing things to be recognized by others, there’s a chance you didn’t make the right decision and didn’t follow the path that’s correct for you. The Not Self, conditioned, behavior of a Projector often is to do things just to be recognized by others. Show everybody that they are worthy of doing things and capable of achieving results. That’s a trap of the mind and will lead to bitterness for the Projector.

When actually acting at the correct invitations, the Projector will have an experience of success instead of bitterness. This can be a great pin pointer: whenever you feel bitter, you should trace your steps to see where the mind took over and you didn’t make a correct decision based on an invitation / your inner authority.

Take rest and time away from others

To reload as a Projector, you should take time away from others. Because the aura of others will have a big influence on your energy and conditioning, it’s very important to rest outside of other auras. Interaction with others needs to be balanced with time alone.


As a Projector you have a focused and absorbing aura, always taking in the auras of others. This makes you the perfect guide for others, but only if you wait for the invitation and use your inner authority to determine if the invitation is correct for you before acting on it.

Don’t do things because you think they should be done and don’t try to gain the recognition of others by doing things, this will lead to bitterness. Other energies just don’t resonate with a Projector doing that. Take enough rest to make sure you balance your energy and find success on your path.

Example bodygraph: Barack Obama

Below is the bodygraph of Projector Barack Obama. Notice that none of the motor centers (Ego, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Root) are connected to the Throat center and the Sacral center is undefined. This makes him a Projector.

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