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The Human Design Generator type: here to work

The Human Design Generator type: here to work

One of the four types in Human Design is called the Generator. About 65% of the people are of the Human Design Generator type (including Manifesting Generators, which are also Generators and should not be confused with Manifestors that have a completely different aura). Current statistics can be found at Jovian Archive Rave Statistics Center.

In Human Design we know Generators as being the worker or builder type, designed to work, build and produce results. The aura of a Generator is open and enveloping and they have a powerful Sacral center because it is consistently defined. The Sacral center is the life force energy itself.

There’s a difference between being a Pure Generator and a Manifesting Generator. The Pure Generator has no connection between the Sacral (or any other motor center) and the Throat, where the Manifesting generator has this connection, directly or indirectly through other centers, defined.

Open and enveloping aura / auric field

This generated field is life itself. It establishes the conditioning standard of what life is, but is equally vulnerable to being conditioned and programmed precisely because it is open and enveloping. The open and enveloping aura attracts others into its energy, it’s an attractive aura.

Being a builder or producer does not automatically mean that you know what to build or produce! You will learn what to produce as your energy responds to external stimulus. Until something that is meaningful for your energy comes on your path, there is absolutely no clue to what to do or what result to go for. This aura has a defined Sacral center, which has the ability to generate life force, but has no awareness at all.

Satisfaction vs frustration

You should know that the energy of the Generator has nothing to do with the results produced or getting what one wants. There should never be any attachment to the result, it’s all about the journey. The energy to walk the journey is simply there or not, depending on the response the Generator gets when a person, invitation or event comes into his aura. The Generator always needs to wait to respond, that’s the Generator strategy: waiting for the Sacral response.

When a Generator uses his energy in a correct way, this will lead to satisfaction. If its not used in a correct way, when not following his True Self but making decisions using his conditioned mind, a Generator will most likely feel frustrated.

Feeling frustrated can be a handy tool for learning to use your decision making inner authority in a correct way, because you may use that opportunity to retrace your path and see where you made the wrong decision using your conditioned mind.

Do what you love, love what you do

Working towards satisfaction, using your energy in a correct way, means you have to love the job(s) that you do and do the job(s) that you love. This all comes down to making the correct decisions along the way, only doing things that trigger the energy flow that starts in your Sacral center.

When you are correct, you are creative, you can work to exhaustion with great stamina, until all energy is used up for that day. Then you go to sleep feeling satisfied, reloading your battery, so you can continue your journey the next day with fresh energy.

Be careful not to be enslaved by others

Any other type is typically trying to take advantage of the energy of the Generator. This is not an evil plot, they just can’t help themselves because the Generator is the only energy type available that has the Sacral energy for producing results.

As a Generator you have to be careful not to be enslaved by other types. Because of your conditioning, you may be willing to help other people with your energy, but if you don’t follow your strategy and authority, this may lead to frustration.

While not following your strategy, you will be using your energy in the wrong way, leading to all kinds of (health) problems (i.e. burn-out). It all boils down to “Do I have Energy for this?”.


Generators, like the other types, of course have to follow their strategy and authority by any means possible. An important pin pointer is feeling frustrated. Whenever that happens, retrace your steps and try to find out where you took the wrong turn.

Example bodygraph: Anthony Hopkins

Below is the bodygraph of Anthony Hopkins, a pure Generator. Notice that his Sacral is defined. Because he doesn’t have a motor center connected to the Throat, he’s a pure Generator (else he would have been a Manifesting Generator).

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